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About Mercury Disposal Systems Ca Inc.

MDS is a leader in recycling spent fluorescent lamps and used batteries. Our recycling process eliminates toxic waste from entering landfills and ultimately our water tables.  With corporate offices located in Tustin, California as well as branch locations in San Diego and Modesto.

The Company was established in 2004 with the sole purpose of developing a safe containment vehicle in which spent batteries and Fluorescent bulbs could be stored and transported to a local recycle location while diverting these spent items from landfills.

After several months of research and discovery we concluded that small business owners and homeowners were unaware that spent batteries contained toxic elements which should be recycled and not discarded in the trash.  Our goal then was to develop an outreach program along with an easy and convenient way for businesses and homeowners to dispose of these elements in accordance with State Regulations.

For fifteen years since its founding, MDS. has become a leader in the business of battery and Lamp recycling servicing over 16,000 clients nationwide and maintaining over 800 homeowner drop-off locations throughout California.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any question regarding our services.

Erica Lettow CEO

Mercury Disposal System Ca Inc.